Instrument Appraisals

About Our Appraisals

Knoxville Fine Violins offers both verbal as well as written appraisals. A verbal appraisal includes an opinion on age and provenance, together with a detailed, itemized, repair estimate (as necessary) which will address the overall condition of the instrument. We will then give a verbal valuation of the instrument or bow. If we suspect an instrument to be of a caliber that would require an amount of research beyond the scope of a normal, verbal appraisal, a written appraisal may be necessary.

A written appraisal will include all of the above information in a written format suitable for insurance purposes as well as high quality digital photos which can be invaluable in the case of theft or insurance replacement. A written appraisal often requires time to complete the requisite research which can involve utilizing our extensive library as well as contacting specialists within the field. After completing an appraisal, you can rest assured that you have as much information about your instrument as can be currently gathered.

Appraisal Types & Costs

See our appraisal costs below:


Instrument - $50
Bow - $35


Instrument - $100
Bow - $70

Written w/ Photos

Instrument - $150
Bow - $105