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About Our Rentals

Knoxville Fine Violins offers a simple, affordable rental program that provides players of all ages an opportunity to learn on high quality, professionally set up, and skillfully maintained instruments.​

An inferior instrument that hasn't been properly set up is often the largest impediment to learning to play. The hidden costs involved in cheap, internet violins often make them a bad purchase, and poorly maintained instruments from music stores that cannot provide an in-house, professionally trained luthier will prove to be a frustration that most children as well as adults will be unlikely to overcome. At Knoxville Fine Violins we have invested a considerable amount of time vetting instrument models to find high quality, good sounding, affordable instruments for our rental program. We then spend the time to ensure that each instrument is set up to the highest standards

Free Maintenance & Protection

Accidents happen, and we understand. We provide free maintenance and protection for each rental we send out. You will not be responsible for accidental damage or theft (provided there is a police report), nor will you be responsible for having to replace broken strings, bows, or cases. If your rental instrument needs maintenance, it is as simple as bringing it in, and we will service it in a timely fashion so you can get back to playing quickly. If your rental needs replacing, we will exchange it immediately, provided there is a suitable replacement in stock.

Rental Credit

At Knoxville Fine Violins, we are dedicated to making the rental program as advantageous as possible for our customers. We believe that every aspect of our rental program distinguishes us from our competitors, but we are especially confident that our rental credit policy makes us distinct among our competitors. That is why we apply 100% of your core rental fees towards 65% of the purchase price of any instrument in the shop (excepting consignments).


We will accept up to half of a customer’s rental credit built up at another shop if you either switch to our rentals or purchase something from us.

Cost & Payment Plans

We are committed to offering the best quality instruments at the fairest price which extends to our rentals as well. Below is a list of rental plans we offer. In an effort to go green, all billing is paperless. Rental fees are assessed quarterly (every 3 months) and automatically charged to the credit card number on file. Monthly & annual prices below.


(Pricing Per Month)
Economy Level - $25
Select Level - $35
(Annual Pricing - 1 Month Free)


(Pricing Per Month)
Economy Level - $35
Select Level - $45
(Annual Pricing - 1 Month Free)


(Pricing Per Month)
Economy Level - $40
Select Level - $65
(Annual Pricing - 1 Month Free)

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NOTE: We deliver on non-holiday Mondays, and we cannot deliver until you either call, email, or physically mail us with credit card info including number, exp date, and cvc code.

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