Repairs & Restorations


We work hard to provide our customers with world class repairs at a reasonable price. Our dedication to performing quality repairs is backed by our training, experience, and attention to detail which distinguishes our work. You can rest assured that your instrument or bow will leave the shop in the best condition possible. ​

Below on the top are some photos of typical repairs and on the bottom is an example of a neck re-set process.

Repair Estimates

We generally forgo writing detailed estimates for routine repairs such as re-hairs, bridges, soundposts, etc; however, in the case of more involved repairs, we charge a nominal fee of $25 to cover the time required to perform a detailed estimate. Should the customer choose to proceed with all or part of the repairs, the $25 fee will be credited toward the cost of repairs, nullifying the $25 fee. All repair estimates include an itemized list with individual prices for all repairs required to bring the instrument to its fullest potential. For customers who are on a budget, we can then establish which repairs are absolutely necessary and which repairs can be postponed to a later date.


We take pride in the complex restorations we complete in the shop. Much of our experience has been in the restoration of fine instruments and nearly all of the antique violins for sale in the shop have been meticulously restored in house. From the family heirloom to the beloved antique violin of a soloist, we are equipped to restore any instrument or bow to the highest standard.